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The various forms of Hindu Hate

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Recent incidents of Hindu Hate

  • Attack Property
  • Forced Conversion
  • Media Bias
  • Organized Intimidation
  • Physical Attack
  • Systemic Erosion
Attack Property: Abuse, Encroachment
Administration Land Grabs and Encroaches Hindu man Dilip Chandra land to build a mosque in…

/ Barguna , Bangladesh

Attack Property: Abuse, Vandalism
Lord Parashuram's idol Vandalized and Destroyed.

/ Udaipur , Rajasthan , India

Attack Property: Abuse, Encroachment, Other
Christians Encroach land and build a Church Illegally at a public place.

/ Perupalem beach, West Godavari , Andhra Pradesh , India

Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Hindu Temple Attacked and Goddess Saraswati Murti Desecrated in a Muslim majority country.

/ Netrokona , Bangladesh

Attack Property: Encroachment
Muslims Illegally build a mazar at a railway station, a form of Land Jihad…

/ Vareval , Gujarat , India

Attack Property: Encroachment
Muslims convert a residential house to Mosque Illegally and hands it over the property to…

/ Belagavi , Karnataka , India

Forced Conversion: Abduction, Love Jihad, Mass Conversion
Hindu girl Parwan Meghwar Abducted, Forcibly Converted and married to her abductor in a…

/ Sindh , Pakistan

Forced Conversion: Love Jihad
Sheikh Sameer Blackmails, Abducts, Rapes, Forcefully Converts…

/ East Midnapore , West Bengal , India

Forced Conversion: Abduction, Love Jihad, Mass Conversion
Afaq Abduct, Forcibly Convert and marry a minor Hindu girl.

/ Sindh , Pakistan

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap, Love Jihad, Fake Identity, Blackmail
Rashid Khan Fakes Identity as Raju, Lures, Blackmails, 

/ Fatehpur , Uttar Pradesh , India

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap, Love Jihad, Rape, Fake Identity
Wasim Fakes Identity to Lure, Trap and Rape a Hindu woman for 8 months.

/ Vesu, Surat , Gujarat , India

Forced Conversion: Abduction, Honey Trap, Love Jihad, Rape
Muslim man Danish Lures and Rapes a Hindu minor girl.

/ Ranchi , Jharkhand , India

Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
SheThePeople, Falsely and Intentionally reports Maulana Jamadar, who Humiliated a woman,…

/ Pune , Maharashtra , India

Media Bias: Bias
News18, Falsely and Intentionally reports Maulvi Abbas Mohammad Ali, as a Hindu Tantrik…

/ Sangli , Maharashtra , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Public Occupation
Communist Muslim Forcefully Enter Temple stage and wave Che Guevara's flag to Provoke…

/ Kollam , Kerala , India

Organized Intimidation: Threat, Assault
Muslims AttackTerrorize and Provoke Hindus at Saraswati Devi procession…

/ Jamtara , Jharkhand , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Threat
Muslim group Cheats and Extorts money using Fake loan scheme,

/ Tiruppur , Tamil Nadu , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Threat
Muslim boy Threatens to kill and Terrorizes Hindu boy Mukesh for displaying sticker of…

/ Chittorgarh , Rajasthan , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Other
Feroze Alam Sacrilege and Violate Hindu temple sanctity by urinating in the temple.

/ Gopalgunj , Bihar , India

Organized Intimidation: Other, Threat
Muslim professors blatantly PromotePropagate and Normalize love jihad…

/ Indore , Madhya Pradesh , India

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Hasmat Physically Assault and Abuse a Hindu minor girl.

/ Meerut , Uttar Pradesh , India

Physical Attack: Abduction, Abuse, Rape, Assault
Israr, Taslim, Abrar, and Arif Attack a Hindu woman, Abduct and Gang-Rape her…

/ Badayun , Uttar Pradesh , India

Physical Attack: Assault
Christian teacher Sakayam Devinraj, attempts to Sexually Assault a minor girl.

/ Tirunelveli , Tamil Nadu , India

Physical Attack: Abuse, Food Adulteration, Threat
Muslim restaurant Intentionally and Deceitfully serves beef to a Hindu student to

/ Chattogram , Bangladesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Delhi Police Thrash and Brutally Beat Hindu youth for playing DJ on Holi.

/ Delhi , Delhi , India

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Muslim men Abuse and Assault minority Hindu Dr. Daulat Ram.

/ Sindh , Pakistan

Systemic Erosion: Distortion of texts
DAV Public school Distorts the story of Bhagwan Hanuman in an Abusive manner.


Systemic Erosion: Bully, Prohibit Pooja, Abuse Deities
Politician Lal Ji Instigate people to Demean Hindu scriptures and Provoke…


Systemic Erosion: Bias, Prohibit Symbols
Hindu student Denied entry into the school for wearing an Ayyappa Mala.

/ Old Malakpet, Hyderabad , Telangana , India

Systemic Erosion: Distortion, Suggestive Stories
Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police uses tax payers funds to promote Christianity and influence unaware Hindus to Forcibly Convert…

/ Vizag , Andhra Pradesh , India

Systemic Erosion: Prohibit Pooja
Muslim majority country Oppress Hindu voices, Rejects plea to construct Hindu temple in spite of multiple…

/ Suwawa District , Gorontalo , Indonesia

Systemic Erosion: Bias
Delhi Police Suppresses Hindu voices for opposing Forced Conversions and Love…

/ Delhi , Delhi , India


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