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The various forms of Hindu Hate

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Recent incidents of Hindu Hate

  • Attack Property
  • Forced Conversion
  • Media Bias
  • Organized Intimidation
  • Physical Attack
  • Systemic Erosion
Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Murtis of Hindu deities Vandalized in 110-year-old Sunai Karuppasamy Temple.

/ Pudukottai , Tamil Nadu , India

Attack Property: Encroachment
1602 Bighas (1000 acres) of Jashoreshwari Kali Mandir land Encroached and Illegally

/ Satkhira , Bangladesh

Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism, Theft
Shasmankali Hindu Temple Vandalized, Idols Desecrated and money Looted in…

/ Habiganj , Bangladesh

Attack Property: Encroachment
Ancient Hindu temple Encroached, Destroyed and Forcibly Converted to…

/ Tapi , Gujarat , India

Attack Property: Vandalism, Theft
Vigrahas of Bhagwan Indra Stolen from ancient Thanjavur temple.

/ Thanjavur , Tamil Nadu , India

Attack Property: Abuse, Vandalism
Syed Ali and Qader Hussain Attack and set Ablaze RSS leader Rajan's house, hurl…

/ Salem , Tamil Nadu , India

Forced Conversion: Mass Conversion
Christians Missionaries conduct satsang and medical camps to influence unaware Hindus and Forcibly Convert

/ Gurgaon , Haryana , India

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Murder
Wahid Ali Murders Hindu girlfriend Monika after Forcing her for a joy ride on his bike. 

/ Raipur , Chhattisgarh , India

Forced Conversion: Abduction, Abuse, Love Jihad, Rape
Naushad AbductsRapes and Abandons his neighbor, a 

/ Dakshina Kannada , Karnataka , India

Forced Conversion: Love Jihad
Mustafa Abducts and Forcibly Converts Hindu girl Hina to marry her.

/ Sindh , Pakistan

Forced Conversion: Abduction
Ali Gul Abduct, Forcibly Convert and marry Hindu woman Gudi.

/ Mirpurkhas , Pakistan

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion
Government school principal Abdul Munaf Lures and Bribes young impressional minds to…

/ Hubballi , Karnataka , India

Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
SheThePeople, Falsely and Intentionally reports Maulana Jamadar, who Humiliated a woman,…

/ Pune , Maharashtra , India

Media Bias: Bias
News18, Falsely and Intentionally reports Maulvi Abbas Mohammad Ali, as a Hindu Tantrik…

/ Sangli , Maharashtra , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Public Occupation
Students and teachers of Muslims majority school Mentally Torture, issue Death Threat and…

/ Agra , Uttar Pradesh , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Muslims Abuse, Threaten to kill and Terrorize Rubi Asif (Muslim) for participating in Durga Puja procession.

/ Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse
Muslim youth Fake Identity as Hindus to enter Durga pandals, film Hindu women to Lure and…

/ Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Destruction
Maa Durga Pandal with Christian theme, pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary, Hurts and Provokes…

/ Kolkata , West Bengal , India

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Threat
Islamic scholar Mohammed Hijab Incites and Provokes Muslims to Attack and…


Physical Attack: Rape
Sixty year old Mohammad Wali Rapes a 11 year old Hindu minor girl.

/ Kushinagar , Uttar Pradesh , India

Physical Attack: Abduction, Abuse, Rape
Naushad Abducts, Rapes and Abandons a Hindu minor girl to die. 

/ Balia , Uttar Pradesh , India

Physical Attack: Murder
Hindu man Jagdish Kohli allegedly commits Suicide, found Hanging from rooftop.

/ Sindh , Pakistan

Physical Attack: Murder, Suicide
Hindu woman Nari Bhumi Dead, found Hanging from a tree.

/ Sindh , Pakistan

Physical Attack: Abduction, Murder
Akram Sheikh Abducts and Brutally Kills Bappa Mandal over a minor dispute.

/ Baharampur , West Bengal , India

Physical Attack: Murder
Six Muslim youth Beheaded Deepak Tyagi in ISIS style.

/ Meerut , Uttar Pradesh , India

Systemic Erosion: Bias
Delhi Police Suppresses Hindu voices for opposing Forced Conversions and Love…

/ Delhi , Delhi , India

Systemic Erosion: Prohibit Pooja
Muslim majority country Oppress Hindu voices, Rejects plea to construct Hindu temple in spite of multiple…

/ Suwawa District , Gorontalo , Indonesia

Systemic Erosion: Distortion, Suggestive Stories
YSRCP Govt Erase and Wipe out signs of Hindu Deities in the temple town of Tirupati.

/ Tirupati , Andhra Pradesh , India

Systemic Erosion: Bully, Distortion, Suggestive Stories
School text book Vilifies and Demeans Hindu festival Diwali, brainwashing impressionable…


Systemic Erosion: Prohibit Symbols
Muslim Teachers Forced Hindu woman to Remove sindoor and mangalsutra before taking SSC…

/ Narsingdi , Bangladesh

Systemic Erosion: Prohibit Pooja, Prohibit Symbols, Abuse Deities
Muslim school teacher Md Kasif Assaults students for wearing tilak, Threatens priest,…

/ Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh , India


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