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Physical Attack: Murder
Six Muslim youth Beheaded Deepak Tyagi in ISIS style.

/ Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Muslims Beat and Assault a Hindu woman in false allegation of theft.

/ Bawahalpur

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Wasim, Jikiya and Masook Molest and Assault a Hindu woman in public.

Perpetrator: Wasim, Jikiya, Masook
/ Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Interfaith
Hindu doctor Threatened, Terrorized for marrying a muslim woman.

/ Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat
Muslim mob Attack and Brutally Beat a Hindu man for wearing Hindu symbols.

/ Leicester

Physical Attack: Abuse
Raees Shaikh Attacks and Molest a teenager in her house. 

Perpetrator: Raees Shaikh
/ Pune, Maharashtra

Physical Attack: Food Adulteration
Sharif  found Urinating on vegetables before selling them in Hindu majority areas.  

Perpetrator: Sharif
/ Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Rape
Muslim Talib Rapes a Dalit Hindu minor girl.

Perpetrator: Talib
/ Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Murder
Hindu man Mitthu Brutally Murdered and Dumped in a well.

/ Islamkot

Physical Attack: Abuse, Theft
Nazakat Ali Fakes Identity as Hindu priest Sanjay Baba to Steal from Hindus.

Perpetrator: Nazakat Ali
/ Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Assault
Muslim man Badruddin  Sexually Harass a Hindu woman in public place.

Perpetrator: Badruddin
/ Puttur, Karnataka

Physical Attack: Murder, Assault, Interfaith
Christians Brutally Kill Hindu boy Biki Bishal for resisting Forcible Conversion after marrying a Christian girl.

/ Koilamari Balijan, Assam

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Hindu sadhus Brutally Attacked, Abused and Assaulted in broad daylight.

/ Sangli, Maharashtra

Physical Attack: Abuse, Murder, Threat
Salimuddin and Asif Molest a Hindu girl, Beat her to death upon resisting.

Perpetrator: Salimuddin, Asif
/ Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abduction, Murder, Interfaith
Fazal, Yaseen and other Muslim friends Abduct  Murder Hindu boy for having a Muslim girl friend. 

Perpetrator: Fazal, Yaseen, Israr, ABRAR, Mohammad
/ Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Threat
Muslim groups send Death Threats and Threats to Behead Dr Arvind for being Hindu. 

/ Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Murder, Assault
Shahrukh and Shabbir Stab and Kill Muslim friend Arman for participating in the Ganesh Chaturthi procession.

Perpetrator: Shahrukh, Shabbir, SAMEER
/ Delhi, Delhi

Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat
Abdul Safrid Abuse and Threatens to Behead Hindu man Prashanth.

Perpetrator: Abdul Safrid
/ Mangaluru, Karnataka

Physical Attack: Murder
Kasamuddin sets Hindu bystander Deepak, Ablaze over a minor scuffle.

Perpetrator: Kasamuddin
/ Garhwa, Jharkhand

Physical Attack: Threat, Assault
Muslims Tied and Mercilessly Beaten reporter Vinod Sharma for reporting on illegal Madarsa.

/ Delhi, Delhi

Physical Attack: Murder, Interfaith
Muslim in laws Torture, Compel and Murder Hindu man for resisting Forcible Conversion.

/ Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Physical Attack: Animal Abuse
Ameed Ali resort to animal Abuse by Raping cows.

Perpetrator: Ameed Ali
/ Rohtak, Haryana

Physical Attack: Abduction, Murder, Interfaith
Md. Fazal, Yasin and other Muslims, Brutally Murder, Sunil in Talibani style for dating a Muslim girl. 

Perpetrator: Mohammad Fazal, Mohammad Yasin, Abrar Ahmed, Sarfaraz Ahmed
/ Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Murder, Rape
Arman Ansari Rapes, Hangs and Kills Hindu tribal girl.

Perpetrator: Arman Ansari
/ Dumka, Jharkhand

Physical Attack: Abuse
Christian Pastor Rajajagan and school principle Sexually Harasses several minor girl students.

Perpetrator: Rajajagan
/ Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu

Physical Attack: Rape, Assault
Khalid and Dilsher Lure, Exploit, Gang Rape a Hindu minor girl for multiple days on the pretext of giving food.

Perpetrator: Khalid, Dilsher
/ Sindh