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Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Muslim Mob Attacks Hindus with knives and sticks.

Pending Review
Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh
Physical Attack: Mount Pressure, Threat, Assault
Md Nizamuddin and his supporters Abuse, Attack, and Pelt stones on Hindu Families.

Perpetrator: Md Nizamuddin Pending Review
Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh
Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Islamists Attack a Hindu family with swords, Damage their vehicle.

Pending Review
Samastipur, Bihar
Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Muslim Mob gathers, raises Islamic slogans, Abuses, and Attacks Hindu families.

Pending Review
Amethi, Uttar Pradesh
Physical Attack: Threat
Auto driver Md Shamsuddin Brandishes a sword and Threatens a Bus driver over a minor dispute.

Perpetrator: Md Shamsuddin Pending Review
Mallapuram, Kerala
Physical Attack: Abuse, Murder, Assault
Islamists Assault a Hindu Teacher in a Muslim-majority country.

Perpetrator: Aminur Rahman Sikdar, Khalil Mollla Pending Review
Physical Attack: Abuse, Lynching, Murder, Assault
Taufiq and other Muslims Attacks a Hindu family, Assaults, and Beat Aman Kumar to Death.

Perpetrator: Taufiq, Rizwan, Rehman, Abrar Ali, Ishtiaq, Javed Pending Review
Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh
Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Muslim man Molest and Threaten a Hindu woman, Barge into a temple and Vandalize it.

Pending Review
Thane, Maharastra, Maharashtra
Physical Attack: Abuse
Congress leader Md Inamul Forces a minor girl into Child labor

Perpetrator: Md Inamul Pending Review
Guwahati, Assam