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Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Muslims Vandalize a Hindu temple and Destroy the deity Nagarkattes idol

Pending Review
Physical Attack: Abduction, Abuse, Rape, Assault
Amiruddin Khan, Mehboob Khan, and Sheikh Aslam Forcefully Drag and attempt to Rape a Tribal girl

Perpetrator: Amiruddin Khan, Mehboob Khan, Sheikh Aslam
/ Gumla, Jharkhand

Pending Review
Forced Conversion: Abduction, Mass Conversion, Rape
Amir Nawaz Abducts, Forcefully Converts and Rapes a Hindu minor Kanwal Kumari

Perpetrator: Amir Nawaz
/ Quetta

Pending Review
Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Police officer Abuses and Assaults a Hindu shopkeeper for keeping the Dhaba open during Ramzan in a Muslim-majority country

Perpetrator: Muhammad Kabil Bhayo
/ Sindh

Pending Review
Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
DMK Govt Demolishes Hindu temple without prior notice.

Pending Review
Forced Conversion: Honey Trap, Mass Conversion
Christian missionaries Criticize Hinduism and Abuse Hindu Gods, Honey Trap people to Forcibly Convert them.

Perpetrator: Rahul Bargunda
/ Kampel Chowki, Khudel, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Pending Review
Attack Property: Encroachment
Islamists build an Illegal, Unauthorized Mazar in the sea. 

/ Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pending Review
Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying
Mohammad Zubair Mocks the public hanging of Hindu kings by the British

Perpetrator: Mohammad Zubair

Pending Review
Forced Conversion: Honey Trap, Love Jihad
Md Haroon Lures and marries a Hindu tribal woman Basanti in a Government organized Marriage camp

Perpetrator: Mohammad Haroon
/ Surajpur, Chhattisgarh

Pending Review