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Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Muslim mob Abuses and Sexually Harasses a Hindu woman

Pending Review
Attack Property: Abuse, Destruction, Encroachment
Muslims put an Islamic flag in the Chanda Devi Mandir to Desecrate the Temple and Provoke Hindus

/ Gunderdehi, Chhattisgarh

Pending Review
Physical Attack: Murder
Asif Seikh and others Kill Hindu Youth Taraknath Ghosh

Perpetrator: Asif Seikh
/ Nabagram, West Bengal

Pending Review
Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Other
Pathai Khan files a Malicious case against Baba Ramdev for uplifting Hindutva, Defame the Hindu guru.

Perpetrator: Pathai Khan
/ Barmer, Rajasthan

Pending Review
Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Orchestrated Attack on 14 Temples and Murtis Vandalized in a Muslim majority country, Intimidate and Provoke Hindus

/ Thakurgaon

Pending Review
Forced Conversion: Mass Conversion
Aaga Gulam Nabi Khan Pathan Lures and Forcefully Converts more than100 Hindu families

Perpetrator: Aaga Gulam Nabi Khan
/ Shikarpur

Physical Attack: Rape
Md Ibrahim Toufiq Lures, Traps a female student on social media and Sexually Exploits her.

Perpetrator: Mohammed Ibrahim Toufiq
/ Kasargod, Kerala

Pending Review
Physical Attack: Rape, Threat
Village panchayat President Gulzar Hussain and Tafazul Hussain Rapes and Threatens a girl in a moving car

Perpetrator: Gulzar Hussain, Tafazul Hussain
/ Bhomoraguri, Assam

Pending Review
Systemic Erosion: Bully, Conference
Muslims take out an Anti-Hindu procession asking to Boycott Hindus

Pending Review