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Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Muslim mob Assault and Injure Hindus performing pooja.

Pending Review
Madhubani, Bihar
Physical Attack: Abduction, Murder, Other, Assault
Hindu married woman employed under Riyaz Memon Dies by Hanging.

Perpetrator: Riyaz Memon Pending Review
Tando Allahyar, Sindh
Physical Attack: Rape
Mohammad Ashraf Rapes two minor girls.

Perpetrator: Mohammad Ashraf Pending Review
Kozhikode, Kerala
Systemic Erosion: Prohibit Pooja
Christians Stop the Ayyalamman temple festival.

Pending Review
Echampatti, Tamil Nadu
Physical Attack: Assault
Muslim mob Attacks and Injures Hindus over a land dispute.

Pending Review
Namapara, Assam
Physical Attack: Abuse
Muslim youth Sell a non-Muslim girl with whom he was in live in relationship in a different country, girl Fears for life.

Pending Review
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Rape
Muslim man Lure a Hindu girl through social media, Rape her multiple times, marry her in the court and Pressurize her to Convert.

Pending Review
Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Shahbaz, Karim, and others Assault Hindu Dalit families for supporting Modi and Yogi

Perpetrator: Shahbaz, Mobin, Jamil, Shakeel, Farooq, Afsar Pending Review
Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
Physical Attack: Abuse, Murder, Assault
Md Aziz Brutally Kills Hindu businessman Bikash Das in Muslim-majority country.

Perpetrator: Muhammad Aziz Pending Review