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Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Muslims Abuse, Threaten to kill and Terrorize Rubi Asif (Muslim) for participating in Durga Puja procession.

/ Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Murder
Six Muslim youth Beheaded Deepak Tyagi in ISIS style.

/ Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion
Government school principal Abdul Munaf Lures and Bribes young impressional minds to glorify Islam.

Perpetrator: Abdul Munaf Bijapura
/ Hubballi, Karnataka

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap, Love Jihad, Mass Conversion, Assault
Muslim man Fakes Identity as Kabir to Assault, Sexually Abuse and Blackmail Hindu minor to Forcibly Convert her to Islam.

/ Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Forced Conversion: Honey Trap, Love Jihad
Ali, Anwar and other Muslim youths Fake Identity as Rahul, Trap and Traffic over 100 Girls

Perpetrator: Akhtar Ali, Aleda Begum, Nur Muhammad, Anwar Hossain, Saddam Hossain, Ashraful Alam, Sajjad Hossain, Dilbar Hossain, Jaidur Hossain
/ Barpeta, Assam

Forced Conversion: Honey Trap, Mass Conversion
Muslim friends Force a Hindu minor boy to read Namaj and prepare to Forcibly Convert him to Islam. 

/ Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion, Assault
Nun Denigrate and Desecrate Hindu deities to Forcibly Convert Hindus to Christianity. 

/ Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Assault
Rehman and 11 other Muslims Forcibly Convert a Dalit man Shridhar to Islam, compel circumcision and beef on him.

Perpetrator: Attavar Rehman, Azeesab, Nayaz Pasha, Nadeem Khan, Ansar Pasha, Syed Dastagir, Mohammad Iqbal, Rafiq, Shabbir, Khalid, Shakeel, Altaf
/ Hubballi, Karnataka

Attack Property: Abuse
Usain and Samsuddin hurl petrol bombs to Attack and Severely Damage RSS member Krishnan's residence.

Perpetrator: Usain, Samsuddin
/ Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Organized Intimidation: Abuse, Destruction
Maa Durga Pandal with Christian theme, pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary, Hurts and Provokes Hindu.

Perpetrator: Sreebhumi Sporting Club
/ Kolkata, West Bengal

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Wasim, Jikiya and Masook Molest and Assault a Hindu woman in public.

Perpetrator: Wasim, Jikiya, Masook
/ Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Mass Conversion, Assault
Sameer Fakes identity to Trap and Rape a Hindu woman on pretext of marriage.

Perpetrator: SAMEER
/ Unnao, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Interfaith
Hindu doctor Threatened, Terrorized for marrying a muslim woman.

/ Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

Attack Property: Destruction, Encroachment
DMK government to Demolish the Vinayagar and Iragaman Hindu temples to set up new shops.

Perpetrator: DMK Government
/ Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap, Love Jihad, Mass Conversion
Haseena Bano Fakes Identity as Puja to marry and Forcibly Convert Hindu man Jagveer.

Perpetrator: Haseena Bano
/ Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse
Raees Shaikh Attacks and Molest a teenager in her house. 

Perpetrator: Raees Shaikh
/ Pune, Maharashtra

Attack Property: Encroachment
Christian missionary Encroach 90 acres of Hindu Temple land, Illegally constructs church and cemetery on it.

Perpetrator: Christian Missionary
/ Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu

Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Hindu Temple wall Demolished, Razed down. 

/ Rajsamand, Rajasthan

Physical Attack: Food Adulteration
Sharif  found Urinating on vegetables before selling them in Hindu majority areas.  

Perpetrator: Sharif
/ Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Organized Intimidation: Threat, Call for Genocide
Wajid Saeed calls for Hindu Genocide.

Perpetrator: Wajid Saeed
/ Raibandar, Goa

Physical Attack: Rape
Muslim Talib Rapes a Dalit Hindu minor girl.

Perpetrator: Talib
/ Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abuse, Theft
Nazakat Ali Fakes Identity as Hindu priest Sanjay Baba to Steal from Hindus.

Perpetrator: Nazakat Ali
/ Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Attack Property: Encroachment
Chennai Metro Encroach into 3 temples including the 800-year-old Perumal Temple Violating the court order.

Perpetrator: Chennai Metro Rapid Transit
/ Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Physical Attack: Assault
Muslim man Badruddin  Sexually Harass a Hindu woman in public place.

Perpetrator: Badruddin
/ Puttur, Karnataka

Physical Attack: Murder, Assault, Interfaith
Christians Brutally Kill Hindu boy Biki Bishal for resisting Forcible Conversion after marrying a Christian girl.

/ Koilamari Balijan, Assam

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
Hindu sadhus Brutally Attacked, Abused and Assaulted in broad daylight.

/ Sangli, Maharashtra

Physical Attack: Abuse, Murder, Threat
Salimuddin and Asif Molest a Hindu girl, Beat her to death upon resisting.

Perpetrator: Salimuddin, Asif
/ Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Abduction, Murder, Interfaith
Fazal, Yaseen and other Muslim friends Abduct  Murder Hindu boy for having a Muslim girl friend. 

Perpetrator: Fazal, Yaseen, Israr, ABRAR, Mohammad
/ Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Physical Attack: Threat
Muslim groups send Death Threats and Threats to Behead Dr Arvind for being Hindu. 

/ Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh