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Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
Islamists spread Fake news and Biasedly Blame Hindus in an incident wherein the accused and victim are Muslims.

Pending Review
Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh
Media Bias: Abuse, Bias, Distortion
The News Paper agency Financial Review Biasedly Abuses, spreads Misinformation and calls Hinduism Intolerant.

Pending Review
Media Bias: Movies, Abuse Deities
Movie 'Ramana Avatara' depict Lord Shri Ram in a Disrespectful manner.

Pending Review
Bangalore, Karnataka
Media Bias: Bias, Movies
Biased CBFC Coerces the director to Delete Hindu shlokas but keeps mum on Muslim kalma in the Gujarati film 'Kasoombo'.

Pending Review
Media Bias: Movies
Serial ''Shadi Mubarak'' Promotes Conversion by showing a Hindu youth finding peace in a Dargah.

Pending Review
Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
The Hindustan Times displays Anti Hindu propaganda quotes a Muslim fraudster as Tantrik.

Pending Review
Media Bias: Abuse, Distortion
Biased Media reports False information, Shield Muslim perpetrators.

Pending Review
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Media Bias: Bias
The News Minute Biasedly hides the culprit's name when they are Muslims but identifies religiously when they are Hindus.

Pending Review
Media Bias: Bias, Distortion, Movies
Film maker shows a Hindu girl offering namaz to win a competition, Propaganda movie attempts to Lure viewers.

Perpetrator: Nilesh Krishnaa Pending Review