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Media Bias: Bias
A Muslim man Killed Garibdas, and a Pro-Islamist page Twists the facts and Blames Upper caste Hindus for his death

Pending Review
Media Bias: Distortion of texts, Movies
Movie Aadhipurush Hurt Hindus by Distorting Ramayan

Pending Review
Media Bias: Bias
Biased Media publicizes 10-15 Immigrant Muslims leaving the place as global news while no outrage on the forceful displacement of 50,650 Native Hindus

Pending Review
Media Bias: Abuse, Bias, Distortion of texts, Other
Social media accounts Proliferate and Provoke Anti-Hindu Sentiments

Pending Review
Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
Rana Ayyub and other Biased portals spread Fake propaganda news against Hindus.

Rana Ayyub & other Sway portals Unfurl Feign propaganda against Hindus

Perpetrator: Rana Ayyub Pending Review
Media Bias: Abuse, Bias, Other
Fake social media posts 'Biryani Jihad' claiming to have fed drug-laced biryani to Hindus circulated to Scare and Abuse them.

Bogus post 'Biriyani Jihad' claim to have fed drugged biriyani to Hindus to Agitate & Frit them

Pending Review
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Media Bias: Bias, Bully
Biased Bharatmatrimony displays Hindu Hate, Posts blissful wishes for Eid while Bullies Hindus with Sexual harassment on Holi post

Pending Review
Media Bias: Abuse, Movies
The Christian character in the movie puts his leg on the sacred OM symbol, Hurts Hindu sentiments

Perpetrator: Shreyas Talpade Pending Review
Media Bias: Bully, Abuse Deities
The Newspaper ''Los Angeles Times'' Mocks Hindu Gods and publishes a news article

Pending Review