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Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
SheThePeople, Falsely and Intentionally reports Maulana Jamadar, who Humiliated a woman, as a Hindu Tantrik.

Perpetrator: Maulana Jamadar
/ Pune, Maharashtra

Media Bias: Abuse
Madurai Adheenam (oldest Saivite Hindu monastery) Threatened by DMK in it's editorial published in Murasoli.

Perpetrator: Murasoli
/ Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Media Bias: Movies
Bollywood Director Kabir Khan declares he Intentionally Disregarded, Demeaned and Mocked Hindu culture and traditions.

Perpetrator: Kabir Khan
/ Mumbai, Maharashtra

Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
Madras Courier Falsely Links Bindi to Caste Oppression.

The article ignores the Hindu symbolism behind the bindi and the deep respect for the divinity of the feminine unique to Hinduism and instead claims that the bindi is oppressive against women. That…

Perpetrator: Roshni D'Souza

Scroll Demonizes Rasam as "Brahmanical".

The writer tries to demean South Indian culture and claim an innocent food item as a symbol of "Brahmanical oppression". The article is contains only her personal feelings about the "purity" that is…

Perpetrator: Pallavi Rao

Media Bias: Abuse
Frontline Demonizes Trishul as symbol of Communalism on front cover.

The cover has a picture of the trishul, a revered Hindu symbol, to represent the "replacement" of "India's secular nationalism with a communal definition of the nation". By using the trishul to…

Media Bias: Bias, Distortion
India Today Falsely and  intentionally reports Muslim rapist Asif as Tantrik to Taint Hindus. 

/ Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The Quint Demonizes Hindu texts as Genocidal

While acknowledging that the "historical value of Puranic texts" is not important, the author at the same time tries to cherry pick statements (which could have been inserted by anyone) and make…

Perpetrator: Armaan

Twitter Locks account reporting lynching in Punjab.

Twitter claims that the post violated Twitter's policies by sharing content with "gratuitous gore" even though the post was about an actual incident. Twitter also forced Radharamn Das to confess that…

Media Bias: Bias
NYT casually blends in Hindu Violence while discussing a wedding.

The article makes a dig at Hindus by mentioning that while a Muslim couple is ready to forget their differences with Hindus, Hindus themselves are being increasingly violent against Muslims and…

Perpetrator: Mujib Mashal, Suhasini Raj

Media Bias: Bias
Scroll Falsely Claims Suspect is Radicalized Hindu without giving evidence

The article tries to blame patriarchy and extremism in Hinduism for the suspect's actions without giving any data to prove this claim. Evidence related to Khalistani ideology is not mentioned at all…

Perpetrator: Aarefa Johari

Media Bias: Bias, Distortion of texts
National Herald Falsely Claims Hinduism took all the good aspects of Buddhism and Jainism

In the article, the writer makes a claim against reconversion to Hinduism saying that it is against the faith. She also makes a claim that Adi Shankaracharya, to save Hinduism from extinction, "…

'The Economist' propagates False Narrative of Brahmin CEO domination in the USA.

As upper caste Indians are a minority, the article raises the issue that more CEOs happen to be of this category, suggesting that they are more privileged. This serves to reduce the achievements of…

Media Bias: Bias, Bully
Sejal Sukhadwala Calls Hindu Mothers and Grandmothers Mythical, Promotes Mughlai Cuisine as Heritage

On December 29th 2021, Sejal Sukhadwala, a London-based food writer, writes an article in The Guardian alleging Indians making up their “grandmother’s recipe” or “mother’s recipe” to gain…

Perpetrator: Sejal Sukhadwala
/ London

Media Bias: Bias
NYT Demonizes Hindus as persecutors of Christians, creates False Narrative.

The article paints the image that converted Christians are scared of Hindus so much and that their lives are at stake because they converted. It is further mentioned that the low-caste people are…

Perpetrator: Jeffrey Gettleman, Suhasini Raj

Media Bias: Bias
Scroll Falsely Claims large-scale Hindu worship is Intolerant

The article tries to make Hindus feel guilty for "projecting" their worship (such as Kashi Vishwanath corridor inauguration) on a large scale while supposedly refusing Muslims their namaz grounds.…

Perpetrator: Shoaib Daniyal

Media Bias: Distortion
Counterview Distorts history, Downplays Aurangzeb's cruelty.

This article goes against the fact that Aurangzeb was a "bigoted Muslim who hated Hindus and Hinduism" and instead tries to portray him as an "individual tyrant ruler" conveniently ignoring that all…

Perpetrator: Shamsul Islam