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Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion
Christian Missionaries Forcibly Convert 25 Hindus to Christianity.

Christian missionaries allegedly converted 25 Hindus by promising them various allurement. 📍Bemetera, Chattisgarh A shocking case of mass religious conversion has come to light from Chhattisgarh’s…

Pending Review
Bemetera, Chhattisgarh
Forced Conversion: Abduction, Abuse, Other
Mian Javed Qadri Abducts, Converts and Force two Hindu girls into nikah.

Perpetrator: Mian Javed Ahmed Qadr Pending Review
Dehrki, Sindh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Rape, Fake Identity
Tabrez Alam Fakes Identity and family to Trap a Hindu woman, Exploit her Sexually to marry her.

Perpetrator: Tabrez Alam Pending Review
Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh
Forced Conversion: Abduction, Love Jihad, Rape
Aseem Khan Abducts a Hindu minor, Rape, and Forcefully Convert her to Islam.

Perpetrator: Aseem Khan Pending Review
Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Fake Identity
Sultan Fakes Identity to Lure and Trap a Hindu minor girl.

Perpetrator: Sultan Pending Review
Sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh
Forced Conversion: Mass Conversion
Christian Missionaries Lures to Forcefully Convert innocent Hindus by organizing Magical Healing programs.

Pending Review
, West Bengal
Forced Conversion: Abuse
Hindu minor girls Trapped and Forced to Convert to Islam by Muslim teachers in Govt school.

Hindu children were trapped in Lovejihad and forced to convert to Islam and were forced to do namaz in Govt school in Kota Rajasthan.Even childrens religion were changed in exam papers. Hindu orgs…

Perpetrator: Feroz khan, Mirza Mujahid Pending Review
Kota, Rajasthan
Forced Conversion: Abduction
Hindu minor girl goes Missing, anticipating Abduction by Muslims.

Pending Review
Karachi, Sindh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Rape, Fake Identity
Dilshan Fakes Identity to Trap and Rape a Hindu minor girl for four years.

Perpetrator: Dilshan Pending Review
Agra, Uttar Pradesh