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Attack Property: Abuse, Theft
Burglars Loot and Decamp with a donation box at Hari Om Radha Krishna Mandir.

Pending Review
Sacremento, CA
Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat
Islamists Threaten and Compel the Hindu Temple to cancel the Garba Navratri event.

Pending Review
Ohio, OH
Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Burglars Loot Shri Omkarnath Temple, Fleed with a donation box and other valuables.

Pending Review
Brazos Valley, TX
Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault, Theft
Lathan Johnson Hate Hindu women, Assault and Rob them off their valuables.

Perpetrator: Lathan Johnson Pending Review
Bay Area, Santa Clara, CA
Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying
Sikh man Verbally Abuses Hindu individual in public demonstrating Hindu Hate.

Perpetrator: Tejinder Singh
Fremont, CA
Verbal Abuse: Religious Bullying
Hindu man subjected to Verbal Abuse, Religious Bullying.

Pending Review
Fremont, CA
Physical Attack: Threat, Assault
 Hindu woman Attacked for sporting Indian attire wearing saree and bindi.

Pending Review
San Francisco, CA
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, the Christ's Ambassadors Attempt to Convert Divya born into a Jain family.

Pending Review
Texas, TX
Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying
Teacher calls student Oppressor, Murderer and Racist because of his Hindu identity.

Missouri City, TX