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Report Id: 9184
Reported By
@TheTreeni, @SharwanKumarBi7, @1stIndiaNews
Apr 23, 2024

Churu, Rajasthan

Amjad, Wahid and friends Torture a Hindu girl, Compelling the Depressed girl to commit Suicide.

On 20th April, a woman identified as Bulbul working at a beauty parlour in Rajasthan’s Churu district died in unusual circumstances. The woman’s body was found hanging in the beauty parlour. Police have initiated an investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, Arshad, Wahid, Muzaffar, and Amjad have been accused of abetting the victim to commit suicide. Several Hindu rights organisations have called a “Bandh” in Churu on 23rd April. Reports say that the incident transpired at the Hotel Sun City in Churu wherein Bulbul Rakshak, a 24-year-old resident of Ward 27, had worked in a beauty parlour. Like every day, Bulbul departed home for work on Saturday, however, as she did not return in the evening, her family began searching for her. Finally, Bulbul’s lifeless body was found hanging inside the beauty parlour. Subsequently, the Police registered a case and sent the body for a post-mortem. The deceased victim’s family members claim that when they attempted to enter the hotel in search of Bulbul, hotel operators Arshad, Wahid, and Muzaffar stopped them. However, the victim’s uncle pushed everyone aside as he entered the hotel where Bulbul’s body was hanging. The deceased’s uncle also alleges that when he saw Bulbul’s body, he noticed injuries on the neck and hands. The victim’s family has accused Arshad, Wahid, Amjad, and Muzaffar of causing Bulbul’s death. The parlour in the hotel has been sealed. The deceased’s family also alleged that Bulbul smashed her phone two days before her death. The cause for breaking the phone has not yet been found. Bulbul’s suspicious demise soon became a topic of discussion across the city. Hindu organisations began protesting, describing the incident as ‘Love Jihad’. The ruckus persisted in the hotel, hospital, and mortuary, where Bulbul’s post-mortem was being performed. The police calmed the outraged crowd and assured stern action against the perpetrators. However, the police’s assurance did not affect the protests. The Sarva Hindu Samaj has called for a Churu Bandh on the 23rd of April. People are seen demonstrating in the streets in videos from Churu. The protesters include youngsters, children, the elderly, and women. The demonstrators have also questioned the administration. They alleged that the local police station was attempting to suppress the incident. The protesting locals have also appealed to the administrative officials not to make misleading claims.

Date of Incident:
Apr 23, 2024
Churu, Rajasthan
Bulbul Rakshak
Incident Type:
Physical Attack, Assault, Suicide
Perpetrator Name
Mohd Amjad
Perpetrator Specification
Muslim, Muslim Mob
1 Hindu
Total Incidents of Physical Attack68
No. of Abuse50
No. of Assault41
No. of Threat26

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