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Report Id: 3409
Reported By
May 23, 2022

Netflix promotes Conversion to Christianity in web series Ghost, suggesting conversion can heal fractures and pains.

Date of Incident:
May 23, 2022
Incident Type:
Media Bias, Bias, Distortion, Movies
Total Incidents of Media Bias167
No. of Bias104
No. of Distortion35
No. of Abuse14

Media Bias over 12 month

Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Murtis of Hindu deities Vandalized in 110-year-old Sunai Karuppasamy Temple.

Oct 24, 2022 / Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu

Physical Attack: Rape
Sixty year old Mohammad Wali Rapes a 11 year old Hindu minor girl.

Perpetrator: Md. Wali
Oct 21, 2022 / Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh