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Report Id: 7745
Reported By
@KunalJha908, @MithilaWaala, @PoliticalViewsO, @oychunalagadiya, @SuvenduWB, @_treeni
Nov 15, 2023

Kolkata, West Bengal

Kolkata municipal corporation plasters roadside walls with Hindu gods to prevent men from urinating, Hurting and Provoking Hindu sentiments.

Date of Incident:
Nov 15, 2023
Kolkata, West Bengal
Incident Type:
Systemic Erosion, Bias, Bully
Perpetrator Specification
Organization, Govt Body
Total Incidents of Systemic Erosion16
No. of Bias8
No. of Bully8
No. of Prohibit Pooja6

Systemic Erosion over 12 month

Forced Conversion: Abduction, Love Jihad, Rape, Fake Identity, Blackmail
Mumin Uddin Fakes Identity as a Hindu, Traps, Sexually Exploits, Blackmails, and Abducts a Hindu woman.

Perpetrator: Mumin Uddin
Jan 10, 2024 / Silchar , Assam

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
3 Hindu Sadhus Stripped Naked and Brutally Assaulted.

Jan 11, 2024 / Purulia , West Bengal

Attack Property: Vandalism
Shamsul and his accomplices Attack Kali Temple and Burn the Murti in a Muslim-majorly country.

Perpetrator: Shamsul
Jan 09, 2024 / Thakurgaon

Forced Conversion: Love Jihad
Muslim driver Mubarik Khan Traps Hindu girl Shruti Tiwari in Love Jihad.

Perpetrator: Mubarik Khan
Jan 11, 2024 / Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

Physical Attack: Murder, Assault
Armaan and his accomplices Brutally Stab a Hindu man to Death over a petty issue.

Perpetrator: Armaan
Jan 10, 2024 / Delhi, Delhi