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Report Id: 4355
Reported By
Sep 27, 2022

School text book Vilifies and Demeans Hindu festival Diwali, brainwashing impressionable minds.

Date of Incident:
Sep 27, 2022
Incident Type:
Systemic Erosion, Bully, Distortion, Suggestive Stories
Perpetrator Specification
Organization, School
Total Incidents of Systemic Erosion270
No. of Bias70
No. of Distortion69
No. of Bully68

Systemic Erosion over 12 month

Attack Property: Destruction, Vandalism
Murtis of Hindu deities Vandalized in 110-year-old Sunai Karuppasamy Temple.

Oct 24, 2022 / Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu

Physical Attack: Rape
Sixty year old Mohammad Wali Rapes a 11 year old Hindu minor girl.

Perpetrator: Md. Wali
Oct 21, 2022 / Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh