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Report Id: 5453
Reported By
@SantoshGaharwar, @MeghUpdates
Jan 31, 2023

Politician Lal Ji Instigate people to Demean Hindu scriptures and Provoke Hindus by burning sacred book RamcharitManas on Holi.

Date of Incident:
Jan 31, 2023
Incident Type:
Systemic Erosion, Bully, Prohibit Pooja, Abuse Deities
Perpetrator Name
Lal Jee Patel
Perpetrator Specification
Organization, Political Party
Total Incidents of Systemic Erosion9
No. of Bias4
No. of Suggestive Stories4
No. of Bully2

Systemic Erosion over 12 month

Attack Property: Abuse
Beef Thrown at Tila Kali Temple, to Hurt and Provoke Hindus.

Jul 03, 2023 / Harishnagar, Assam

Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Muslim mob Threaten, Abuse and Assault Hindu family over a minor scuffle.

Jul 03, 2023 / Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying, Abuse Deities
Comedian Rohit Menon Abuse and Mock Hindus and Hinduism referring to reverence for cows.

Perpetrator: Rohit Menon
Jun 30, 2023

Physical Attack: Abduction, Abuse, Rape
Md Anees, Quereshi, and others Abduct a Hindu woman, Gang Rape her, and record the whole incident to Blackmail.

Perpetrator: Md Anees
May 10, 2023 / Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh

Organized Intimidation: Abuse
Muslims Call for Economic Boycott of Hindus.

Jun 29, 2023 / Bangalore, Karnataka