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Report Id: 5258
Jan 06, 2023

Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

Muslim group Cheats and Extorts money using Fake loan scheme, Abuse them by Morphing, Obscene texting and Threatening.

Date of Incident:
Jan 06, 2023
Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu
Incident Type:
Organized Intimidation, Abuse, Threat
Perpetrator Name
Mohammed Ashkar
Perpetrator Specification
Muslim, Muslim Individual
Total Incidents of Organized Intimidation89
No. of Abuse53
No. of Threat35
No. of Encroachment11

Organized Intimidation over 12 month

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Rape, Blackmail
Christian Paster and friends Abduct and Gang Rape a Hindu woman, Abuse, Threaten family to Forcibly Convert to Christianity.

Perpetrator: Butti
Dec 02, 2022 / Sinnar, Maharashtra

Forced Conversion: Mass Conversion
Aaga Gulam Nabi Khan Pathan Lures and Forcefully Converts more than100 Hindu families

Perpetrator: Aaga Gulam Nabi Khan
Feb 04, 2023 / Shikarpur

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Other
Saddam Khan Lures and Abducts a married Hindu woman.  

Perpetrator: Saddam Khan
Jan 16, 2023 / Dabhoi, Gujarat

Physical Attack: Abduction, Abuse, Threat, Assault
Wahid Harass and Threaten Hindu minor girl for marriage, Terrorize her with threat to family..

Perpetrator: Wahid Shahabuddin Mahabir
Jan 25, 2023 / Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Forced Conversion: Honey Trap, Love Jihad, Assault, Fake Identity
Azhar Khan Fakes Identity as Rahul, to LureTrap and marry Hindu girl, Threatens to kill her for resisting Forcible Conversion.

Perpetrator: Azhar Khan
Jan 31, 2023 / Haridwar, Uttarakhand