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Report Id: 5106
Dec 25, 2022

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Muslim boy Threatens to kill and Terrorizes Hindu boy Mukesh for displaying sticker of Bajranbali on his bike. 

Date of Incident:
Dec 25, 2022
Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
Mukesh Bhoi
Incident Type:
Organized Intimidation, Abuse, Threat
Perpetrator Specification
1 Hindu
Total Incidents of Organized Intimidation13
No. of Abuse8
No. of Threat6
No. of Other3

Organized Intimidation over 12 month

Attack Property: Abuse
Beef Thrown at Tila Kali Temple, to Hurt and Provoke Hindus.

Jul 03, 2023 / Harishnagar, Assam

Physical Attack: Abuse, Threat, Assault
Muslim mob Threaten, Abuse and Assault Hindu family over a minor scuffle.

Jul 03, 2023 / Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying, Abuse Deities
Comedian Rohit Menon Abuse and Mock Hindus and Hinduism referring to reverence for cows.

Perpetrator: Rohit Menon
Jun 30, 2023

Physical Attack: Abduction, Abuse, Rape
Md Anees, Quereshi, and others Abduct a Hindu woman, Gang Rape her, and record the whole incident to Blackmail.

Perpetrator: Md Anees
May 10, 2023 / Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh

Organized Intimidation: Abuse
Muslims Call for Economic Boycott of Hindus.

Jun 29, 2023 / Bangalore, Karnataka