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Report Id: 6224
Reported By
@VeengasJ, @NarainDasBheel8, @NarainDasBheel8
May 07, 2023


Minority Hindu Family Abducted and Forcefully Converted to Islam.

Date of Incident:
May 07, 2023
Meeran, Priya, Sanju, Amarlal , Jairam, Gopal
Male, Female, Minor
Incident Type:
Forced Conversion, Abduction, Mass Conversion
Perpetrator Specification
Muslim, Muslim Individual
3 Hindus
Total Incidents of Forced Conversion127
No. of Love Jihad70
No. of Abuse60
No. of Honey Trap39

Forced Conversion over 12 month

Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad, Assault, Fake Identity
Shahzeb Fakes Identity to Trap a Hindu girl and Harass her for Forceful Conversion.

Perpetrator: Shahzeb
Feb 28, 2024 / Sonbhadra , Uttar Pradesh

Forced Conversion: Abduction, Love Jihad, Rape, Fake Identity, Blackmail
Mumin Uddin Fakes Identity as a Hindu, Traps, Sexually Exploits, Blackmails, and Abducts a Hindu woman.

Perpetrator: Mumin Uddin
Jan 10, 2024 / Silchar , Assam

Physical Attack: Abuse, Assault
3 Hindu Sadhus Stripped Naked and Brutally Assaulted.

Jan 11, 2024 / Purulia , West Bengal

Attack Property: Vandalism
Shamsul and his accomplices Attack Kali Temple and Burn the Murti in a Muslim-majorly country.

Perpetrator: Shamsul
Jan 09, 2024 / Thakurgaon

Forced Conversion: Love Jihad
Muslim driver Mubarik Khan Traps Hindu girl Shruti Tiwari in Love Jihad.

Perpetrator: Mubarik Khan
Jan 11, 2024 / Damoh, Madhya Pradesh