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Forced Conversion: Fake Identity
An Islamist Fakes Identity to Trap a Hindu girl.

Pending Review
Barpeta, Assam
Forced Conversion: Mass Conversion
Jamat Islami Forcefully Converts a Hindu family to Islam in a Muslim-majority country.

Perpetrator: Jamat Islami Pending Review
Forced Conversion: Abduction, Abuse, Other
Islamists Forcibly Convert a Hindu boy to Islam and Threaten him to give statement in their favour in the local court.

Pending Review
Badin, Sindh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Love Jihad
Arshad Lure a Hindu woman through social media, Force her to Convert to Islam.

Perpetrator: Arshad Pending Review
Guna, Madhya Pradesh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion
Evangelists make Fake promises of healing and Mass Convert Hindus.

Pending Review
Patna, Bihar
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion
Sheikh Ali Trap several Hindu women and Forcibly Convert them to Islam.

Perpetrator: Shaikh Ali Pending Review
Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh
Forced Conversion: Abduction, Other
Hindu Girl Abducted, Forcibly Converted to Islam and married to Muslim abductor.

Pending Review
Larkana, Sindh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap, Fake Identity
Md Kaif Fakes Identity as Ramu Kumar, Traps Hindu girls, and acts Obscene inside a Temple.

Perpetrator: Mohd Kaif Pending Review
Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Mass Conversion
Christian Missionaries Lure Hindu Tribals into Forceful Conversion.

Pending Review
Dumariya, Jharkhand