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Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying
Sikh man Verbally Abuses Hindu individual in public demonstrating Hindu Hate.

Perpetrator: Tejinder Singh
Fremont, CA
Verbal Abuse: Religious Bullying
Hindu man subjected to Verbal Abuse, Religious Bullying.

Pending Review
Fremont, CA
Physical Attack: Threat, Assault
 Hindu woman Attacked for sporting Indian attire wearing saree and bindi.

Pending Review
San Francisco, CA
Forced Conversion: Abuse, Honey Trap
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, the Christ's Ambassadors Attempt to Convert Divya born into a Jain family.

Pending Review
Texas, TX
Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying
Teacher calls student Oppressor, Murderer and Racist because of his Hindu identity.

Missouri City, TX
Systemic Erosion: Bully, Distortion
NY senate bill Defame, Vilify  Hindu symbol Swastika as 'anti-semitic' and 'fascist'.

New York, NY
Verbal Abuse: Bully
LAMStandley Insults Hinduism, Equates Hindutva with Zionism

LAMStandley, an account with location mentioned as Des Moines, Washington, and 250+ followers on Twitter, tweeted on December 26th, 2021: “You don't get out of your bubble much, do you? For centuries…

Perpetrator: LAMStandley
Des Moines, WA
Verbal Abuse: Bully, Religious Bullying
Man Traumatizes a Hindu Student by Sending a Photo of His Aroused Genitals with a Drawing of Lord Ganesh at the Head

A Hindu student, sharing her experience at University of Texas, Austin, writes: “We were acquaintances, but he liked me. He admitted to having a fetish for Indian women. One day, he asked me how…

Perpetrator: Unknown
Austin, TX
Systemic Erosion: Bias, Distortion
The Metropolitan Museum of Arts Ignores All Hindu Kings in the List of Rulers of South Asia

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in the New York City, ignores all Hindu rulers in its list of South Asia rulers. The page on its website, last updated on December 18th, 2021, does not mention…

Perpetrator: The Metropolitan Museum of Arts
New York City, NY